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Archive for June, 2013

Finding Old, New Windows Drivers Can Be Equally Tough

Finding Old, New Windows Drivers Can Be Equally Tough

When a new operating system is released, one of the major complaints is the lack of available Windows drivers. Some manufacturers are ready to go out of the gate, while others seem to take forever to get their act together. Well, the same thing happens with older drivers, believe it or not.

Old OS Drivers Can Become Scarce

Manufacturers sometimes just assume that their old equipment is no longer in use, when in fact, it might be a critical piece of hardware! Finding drivers for older hardware can be difficult, and the older the hardware is, the harder it can be to find the driver you need to keep your system running.

That’s why I always recommend performing full-system backups that include configuration information, in addition to backing up your user data. This may mean keeping a fresh copy of your most critical drivers on a separate storage medium for safe-keeping.

You can also install and use Driver Detective. More than a million users have downloaded and installed Driver Detective, and trust it to maintain their Windows hardware drivers, no matter what version of the OS they’re using. Having your system protected by Driver Detective means that you’ll never be without the drivers you need.

Driver Detective manages and maintains the hardware drivers your system needs, and downloads updated drivers when they become available. Driver Detective stores a backup copy of all of your drivers locally, so you can load a fresh copy of a driver if it becomes damaged or corrupted.

Best of all, you don’t need to remember to maintain your drivers because Driver Detective does that for you. Whenever a new driver is available, Driver Detective will find the exact driver your system needs, download it and install it. If the updated driver version doesn’t work the way you want it to, or causes problems for other installed hardware, you can always roll back to the most recent version of the driver, because Driver Detective keeps that available, too!

Keeping drivers maintained and up-to-date is important, but so is having a fresh copy of the most important drivers your system needs. Driver Detective can help you manage your Windows drivers, regardless of what version of Windows your system is running.

As part of your recovery plan, make a complete system backup that includes configuration information and current copies of all drivers your system needs. Better still, download and install Driver Detective and let it do the driver management for you!

Photo Credit: Justin Marty, via Flickr

Windows Without Drivers?

Windows Without Drivers?

Windows Without Drivers?

Is the next evolution of Windows destined to be driverless? The search for Windows drivers has always been part of the Windows experience, so is Microsoft moving away from drivers with its upcoming improvements to Windows 8?

You still need Windows drivers

For the most part, you’ll need drivers to connect your Windows hardware to your computer, but Microsoft is trying to improve the mobile experience for users-on-the-go. In that respect, the move away from drivers is on for certain functions of the operating system.

One such function is printing. It’s always been a long, difficult slog to get Windows printing to work the way you want it to. On a home or business network, the effort isn’t always bad, but try dropping a device onto a foreign network and you could be in for trouble!

Microsoft hopes to eliminate the uncertainty of mobile printing with the upcoming update to Windows 8. Taking advantage of near-field communications (NFC) capabilities supported in Windows 8, Microsoft will introduce “tap-to-pair” printing for mobile devices using wireless networks. Users simply enable NFC-enabled Windows 8 mobile devices, then tap the device on any NFC-tagged printer and the mobile device will pair for printing services.

Additionally, direct wi-fi printing capabilities in the Windows 8.1 update will allow users with mobile devices to set up what is essentially a peer-to-peer network with a compatible printing device. A brief introduction and some handshaking is all that’s necessary to gain access to a printer through a Windows 8 mobile device. No additional drivers are needed, which makes the prospects for printing from mobile devices a lot better!

The new update will be unveiled “for show” at the end of June, and should be available to consumers by the end of 2013, though no firm consumer release date has been announced.
What does this mean for non-mobile users? Not much, though the prospects of using wireless printing in the office are pretty exciting. For the most part, Windows 8 has implemented a new printing model that relies less heavily on individual manufacturers’ Windows drivers, and more on built-in standards that devices will need to meet.

Driver maintenance will still be an issue for most Windows hardware, including graphical displays, keyboards, mice, network adapters and other essential devices. For driver maintenance in Windows 8, I recommend Driver Detective. Driver Detective, which has been downloaded millions of times, will help you locate, download, install and maintain all of the drivers required for your PC. Driver Detective supports all versions of Windows, including Windows 8. Download your copy today!

Photo Credit: Microsoft