Windows drivers and automatic installation: What you need to know

Windows drivers and automatic installation: What you need to know

If you’ve purchased a new Windows hardware device, you’ve probably encountered the automatic driver installation feature in Windows. Back in the day, users needed to install a device driver before their Windows systems recognized the new device. Today, many device drivers are installed automatically.

Windows has detected a new hardware device

All in all, automatic device recognition and installation is a good thing for users who don’t know much about how to manage or maintain a PC. Their goal may be simply to use the PC. The good part about automatic driver installation is also the bad part about automatic driver installation. Users who aren’t familiar with what their computers are doing may not be well equipped to fix their PCs when driver problems arise.

Installing a driver – or more correctly – uninstalling an old (or non-working) driver, then installing a fresh copy isn’t hard. Sometimes however, recognizing that a driver is malfunctioning can be difficult. Malfunctioning drivers sometimes load, load partially, or refuse to load, and a novice user may not know what to do.

Having a driver management software package installed on the computer can help immensely in situations like this. If an installed driver ever comes up missing, a driver manager like Driver Detective can step in to help.

Driver Detective keeps track of the precise driver your system requires, so it eliminates the guesswork when it comes to downloading fresh drivers. Driver Detective also keeps track of the latest version of your system’s drivers, so you’ll never miss a driver update again. Better still, Driver Detective keeps a fresh copy of the current driver on your system, so if your installed version quits working, a backup copy is at your fingertips.

You can even use Driver Detective to roll back a newly installed driver to a previous version. If a driver update doesn’t work as advertised, or you want to return to an earlier version of a driver – for whatever reason – Driver Detective can help you get your system back to your preferred state.

Finding, installing and backing up your system’s current hardware drivers isn’t fun. It’s time-consuming and it can lead to unintentional errors. Driver Detective has been downloaded and installed more than a million times by PC users around the world. Instead of taking on the task of managing your Windows PC drivers on your own, download Driver Detective, and you’ll never have to worry about Windows driver problems or missing a Windows driver update again.

Photo Credit: Wesley Fryer, via Flickr