Windows Driver Bug May Cause "Fuzzy" Fonts

Windows Driver Bug May Cause “Fuzzy” Fonts

If you’re planning to upgrade your Internet Explorer installation to IE 11, you may want to prepare yourself for the potential impact of a Windows driver bug that’s been making the rounds for about six months. Earlier this year, Microsoft distributed at patch, (KB 2670838), that seems to conflict with some video drivers. The conflict causes display fonts to distort on the Firefox and Chrome browsers. Microsoft has not yet fixed the bug, however it did release a list of dodgy video adapters that seem to be affected by the problem, and suppressed the distribution of the patch to systems known to use the uncooperative video adapters.

Fuzzy Fonts: Take 2

Now users running Windows 7 who have upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 say that they’ve been struck by the “fuzzy font” bug, even though their computers aren’t using the known-to-be problematic video adapters. To make matters worse, earlier implementations of Internet Explorer were not impacted.

Curiously, some users report that the problem goes away if the user reloads the page (sometimes multiple reloads are required), and other users have reported that uninstalling KB 2670838 before upgrading to IE 11 does the trick. Users who have the questionable patch installed and upgrade to IE 11 don’t get any relief from uninstalling the patch or reverting back to IE 10.

Microsoft’s automatic updates will automatically install Internet Explorer 11 on your computer, if you’re set up to download updates automatically. That could pose a problem for unsuspecting users who suddenly come down with a case of fuzzy fonts. Many users who have been struck by the bug indicate that the suggestions offered by Microsoft don’t fix the problem. Other users report that they’ve gotten relief by disabling hardware acceleration when that option is available through their video driver.

While Microsoft has not yet delivered a fix for the problem, it never hurts to make sure your video drivers are up-to-date. Keeping drivers updated can resolve many display and performance issues, as well as prevent any unintended security breaches. If managing your Windows hardware drivers isn’t high on your priority list, consider downloading and installing Driver Detective. Millions of PC users around the world have downloaded Driver Detective and rely on it to maintain their Windows drivers. In addition to ensuring that you’ll always have the correct driver for your system, you’ll also have ready access to new driver updates and copies of current drivers, in case one or more need to be reinstalled.

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