When your devices suddenly stop working and you decide to download a new driver, you should be careful about where you go to take care of the download. Although there are plenty of good reasons you might need to download a driver off the internet, including losing the driver CD or needing to install a device on a new computer after the driver CD has been discarded or forgotten, not every web site can be trusted.

The best solution if you need to get a driver off the Internet is to go to the manufacturer of your device. Their web site should have a driver section which will allow you to choose your model of camera, printer, or other device, and download the correct software to help solve your problem.

If for some reason you cannot do this, you need to be careful or you could end up downloading a virus instead of a driver or spyware along with the driver that you need. Hackers are always looking for new and creative ways to crack computers, and legitimate software can be a great way for them to gain entrance to your system.

One of the flaws of this hacking plan is that when they are discovered, their web site will be shut down or warnings will be posted. Look to technology web sites with a proven track record if you need to download drivers from any place other than the manufacturer’s web site, and consider following driver installs up with a system virus sweep, just to be sure.