Apple has come a long way since the old Macintosh personal computers and has now emerged themselves as an innovator in personal devices, computers, and operating systems. Yet one of their greatest inventions got even better with, the birth of the iPhone.

The iPhone was and still remains to be one of the largest selling items on the market today. This device has all the features and benefits of the iPod, but is so much better in added capabilities. WiFi connection for internet surfing and VoIP phone calls, e-mail, SMS messaging, and some of the greatest tools ever with applications; all of these are what gives the iPhone and Apple a “best device ever made” award by its users.

Yet However, the one common mistake with the iPhone by its users is that it runs similar to that of a Mac Computer. The iPhone has a Mac OS X operating system to make all of these capabilities work, a. And like any operating system, there are always going to be updated drivers. Keeping your iPhone with current drivers and software is what will allow the user to use the full capacity of this device.

Apple has gone as far as to make it almost idiot proof to manage these updated drivers. With the click of a button, the user can check the availability of drives, see what the updated drivers are for, and decide whether or not to install them. This makes for a near error proof device. In fact, some applications for the iPhone won’t work if current drivers are not on the iPhone itself. The end user has the power to make their iPhone accomplish many things and all thanks to Apple for giving the consumers what they wanted, if the users keep up with current drivers.