If you are having problems with your computer recognizing or properly running a piece of hardware that you have installed, you may need to install or update the driver for that hardware. Usually you will get a CD with your hardware, but if you buy it used you may never see the CD. It is also easy to toss, misplace, or otherwise lose touch with the CD that you need to install the proper drivers, which is why many hardware companies save themselves the effort of shipping new CDs to people by making their divers available online.

While you can type in the name of your piece of equipment and search for a web page with a driver, it is possible that you will run across a contaminated web site and download a virus or malware program with your driver. The best solution is to go straight to the manufacturer’s web site to look for the driver there.

When you get to the manufacturer’s home page, start by looking for a link or tab that says “Drivers”, and click on it. From here you should be able to search for or match your hardware model up with the drivers available and start your download.

Some companies make their drivers harder to find. If you can locate your hardware on the web site, it may have a link to the driver that you need. If all else fails, look for a search box on the manufacturer’s web page and you should be able to enter your hardware model number and information into the search box with the word “driver” to get what you need.