Is your computer running slower than usual or are your installed Microsoft hardware and programs not working properly? It might be time to update your computer’s drivers. You likely have multiple drivers on your computer supporting the various programs you use and will need to find out which ones you have before going in search of updates for those drivers. For Windows XP users open your start folder and go to control panel. Then click your systems file icon to open it. Then simply click on hardware followed by the device manager button to see a list of the drivers installed on your computer, and double click on a driver to see its properties.

Windows Vista users need to open their start menu, go to control panel, click to open systems file, and then click on ‘advanced system settings’, which is located in the task pane on the left side of your screen, before then clicking on hardware and then device manager. If prompted to when clicking on the advanced system settings button click ‘continue’ to proceed. If your computer has a different operating system than windows XP or Vista, you can search online for how to find drivers on your computer that may need updating if your computer is acting up.

Once you know which Microsoft drivers and hardware that you have on your computer, you have three options. If you have not uninstalled it, you may have windows update already on your computer and can click on that to navigate to windows updates and look for the driver and hardware updates for your computer. You can visit the Microsoft download center to find new drivers for your computer or updates and patches for your older drivers and hardware.

A simple search for Microsoft will provide you with links to their services. Finally, you can try finding drivers and updates online through a variety of vendors offering new driver downloads and patches and updates for older drivers and hardware that you have on your computer. Exercise caution in choosing to download drivers, hardware, and updates from sites other than the official website of the manufacturer of the drivers and hardware installed on your computer. Research sites you are considering to find out if other users have filed complaints. Do not download unsigned files unless you trust the website, to help prevent malicious malware, or files infected with worms and other viruses from getting into your computer and potentially causing your computer to stop working entirely.