Hardware knows as video drivers enable you to watch movie and music videos on your computer and to create and edit your own if you have movie or video creation software installed on your computer. Changes to existing versions of video and other media software programs and online media outlets occur often. Furthermore, newer versions of video and other media software programs and sites where you can view or download a large variety of different types of media, are also created often. Have you rushed out to buy the latest in video software only to have it not work for you after installing on your computer? Although many software programs come with their own drivers or at least the capability to update the drivers present on your computer from an online source to help these programs work, this is not always the case.

You may have to update the video driver on your computer yourself so that it is compatible with new programs installed on your computer. Most computers have windows updates pre-installed in them and you can run it to find critical security updates to help protect your computer while surfing the internet, and you can also use it to look for updates for your video driver and for just released video drivers for your computer and the programs you use.

Trillions of internet sites offer free or low-cost video drivers and updates for downloading to your computer. Never pay fees for drivers or updates as the manufacturers of the programs you have installed on your computer, and those that you can buy online and download directly to your computer, offer drivers for those programs and updates for them free through their company-sponsored websites. With the exception of your computer’s manufacturer that may offer a scanning service to check your computer for needed drivers and updates, be very suspicious of other sites that offer to ‘scan’ your computer for you. These are often illegitimate sites set up by identity thieves and online scammers. Make sure you that you trust a site before agreeing to have your computer scanned. Research the drivers and updates suggested after a scan of your computer or from a list of available ones to ensure they are the right ones for your computer.

The instructions for downloading and installing video drivers and updates to your computer from a supplier that you trust are usually simple and mostly automated requiring only a few additional steps from you to complete the process. Most suppliers provide these instructions to you to read prior to starting downloads and have support available should you run into any problems.