So you decided to take the plunge and graduate from XP into Vista. Your XP drivers worked so well and you’re now wondering if it’s going to be smooth sailing for Vista drivers as well.
Don’t let your fears prevent you from enjoying all the new and wonderful features of Vista because there’s plenty of help online for Vista drivers.

First, you need to know a little something about Driver Robot. This neat device has the intelligence of a dozen computer geeks rolled into one! What it does is it scans your computer to see if you’ve got the right drivers (or if you’ve got broken drivers) so that Vista can do the job it’s supposed to do.

You can’t do without Driver Robot. It’s the “one-stop” shop for many drivers covering sound, printers, motherboard, USB drivers, router drivers, firewall drivers and many more.

Second, there are three reasons for using Driver Robot:
• It has over 1 million releases in its driver database about Vista drivers. The data comes directly from major and secondary manufacturers. So if you’re having trouble with a Vista driver, Driver Robot is likely to have it and can fix or update your driver in just a few seconds.

• It gives you the best drivers on the basis of compatibility. If your webcam drivers aren’t working or your printer won’t budge, it will search for the drivers that don’t have any compatibility issues with Vista.

• Some people have to figure out what the configuration is or what revision they have. Questions like: do I have Revision A or Revision B, and do I need Vista 64-bit or 32-bit are eliminated because Driver Robot decides that for you and automatically installs the right drivers.

Of course, if you’d rather not go the Driver Robot route, you can always go into Microsoft’s web site and search for Vista drivers. You can do this in three ways: (a) use Windows Update to update your Vista drivers, (b) set Windows automatically to check for recommend drivers or (c) manually update Vista drivers. The web site to go to is