There are several reasons that you might have to update drivers in Windows XP. Some of them include:

– Win XP does not load the drivers for a Plug and Play device properly. Typically, when you plug in a new card or other device to your Win XP system, the operating system automatically installs the appropriate drivers. Sometimes, the files don’t load properly and must be installed manually.
– The device you are installing uses custom drivers that are not included in Win XP. When that’s the case, you may have to load the appropriate drivers from a CD, DVD or computer download.
– A device such as a display, sound card or network card is not working properly. When a device has problems in operation, it is often due to a problem with the device drivers.
– The manufacturer of one of your devices releases an updated driver that addresses vulnerabilities or adds capabilities to your device. Although your device may be working fine, updating the drivers will give them new capabilities.

If you acquire updated device drivers in either of those ways, they will usually be packaged with software that will install the drivers automatically.

Drivers obtained through other means may need to be updated manually through Windows XP Device Manager.

To update device drivers in Windows XP Device Manager:
1. Open the Device Manager and locate the device.
2. Right-click on the name and choose Properties from the context menu.
3. Click the Drivers tab in the Properties window.
4. Click the Update Driver Button.
5. In the dialog box asking if you want to connect to Windows Update, click No, and then Next.
6. In the next screen, tick the “Install from a list or specific location” option, and click next.
7. In the next screen, choose the “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install” and click Next.
8. When the list of drivers opens, click Have Disk… to open a Browse dialog box.
9. Navigate to the location of the driver files and find the INF file that contains the instructions the computer will follow to install the drivers.
10. Click OK to return to the Select the device you want to install window, then click Next.
11. Follow any instructions on screen as the Hardware Update Wizard completes installing your new drivers.